Ten Tiny Breaths

Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker 3.5 STARS“Kacey Cleary doesn’t admit to missing people out loud. But Trent feels like something valuable misplaced and then found again and I’m overwhelmed with relief."For all my griping about saccharine cliched storylines, I love that line. So its another one of those books where the heroine had a dark past of drugs, alcohol and sex but is now reformed and has a thing for laundromat encounters.I'm not looking for the next great American novel whenever I pick up ANY book, whatever genre they may be. And I'm sorry for the inappropriate snark in my progress notes, I think my default setting might be a crotchety, too many cats owning, tea loving, PESSIMISTIC old biddy. This book was actually pretty easy to read. The humor was okay, nothing to LOLcats about (well it didn't make ME LOL) and made the unfurling of the story relatively migraine-free. The storytelling was focused, no unnecessary ex-girlfriend or jealous co-worker popping out of nowhere to create a new drama on top of THE drama. Dialogue was consistent and the character's logic were mostly sound. There were lines that made me sit up and take notice.It was just okay.Early chapters kind of ruined Kacey for me:“Two years of intense kick-boxing has given me a rock-hard body. That, topped with my deep auburn hair and watery blue eyes garners loads of unwanted attention."Yeah, that didn't ring to me as strong-willed or confident to me, mostly because this was at 2% in. Further on, Kacey could get a little on the side of rude with her sarcasm and while I understood how it's her defense mechanism later on, it did cost her some magic brownie points. Because you know what works for me? When the heroine can still come off a bad ass without offensive sarcasm or going to a kickboxing gym. What doesn't work for me is being all that and telling me, hey like this girl. She's an AWESOME person because she kicks guys on the mat, takes care of her sweet sister and has emotions over the bad fortune life has dealt her. Oh and yay, feminism!On the other side of the pond, I don't know why I can't seem to find Trent swoon-worthy. Maybe because he's all inuendoes and smart comebacks and yet, I still couldn't find myself to be charmed by the guy. I might be experiencing tattooed mysterious hero fatigue (if that's possible). Or maybe I'm not just a fan of heroes who hand out logical, fashion related compliments:“That color looks incredible on you,” he says, gazing down at my emerald green shirt, . “Compliments your hair nicely.”I am also not a fan of his drama piggy-backing on Kacey's drama.. Can't he be given his own? You could see that trainwreck coming from miles away. It's a good book, the plot was solid and the drama would've made me shed a tear if my heart isn't currently drenched with hormones. But it just went all out cliched.“He lifts a shaky hand and presses it against the glass. He holds it there.And I can’t help myself.I match my fingers perfectly to his, imagining what it would be like to feel his skin again, to have those fingers curl over mine, pull me into him, into his warmth. Into his life.”Cue David Foster's piano solo.For the record, I hate myself for not being able to cry over this.