Drama Llama Bang Bang

Facade (Games, #2) - Nyrae Dawn

"Let me bandage your heart the way you did my hand."


Yes, that in fact did happen. I kinda wish that was the end all and be all of the things that I didn't like about this story but it didn't stop there. It was like getting assaulted over


"His words are a syringe, injecting a pleasurable heat in my veins."


and over,


"If you need to write, I'll be your paper."

(if you're expecting some Sei Shoganon action from that, you'd be VERY disappointed)


and over,


"I feel your heart," I tell Adrian. He pauses."I thought it ran away."


trying to make me feel something for a group of people I can absolutely feel no sympathy over as they try to ingratiate themselves into my feels by over the top dialogue, nonsensical character logic and turns of phrases inserted in the narrative to hoodwink the weak, half-baked plot from the reader.


Delaney's troubled dad ran over a boy so the New Adult-logical thing for her to do is to go find the boy's family and try to fix them up. That's not a spoiler, that's actually the entire plot of this book. Because Delaney is that kind of heroine, the kind that wedges herself into other people's drama because that's supposed to be sweet and unselfish and kind. According to New Adult dogma that is.


And according to that very rule book, the boy's uncle (Adrian) who blames himself for the boy's death has to express his emo through pretentious-sounding poetry because his feels are hurt and there's a shirt involved, oh my. And that very hurt is what draws our heroine to him and the story just stretches endlessly to sex and but oh noes, Delaney still has a secret then sex then oh noes Adrian finds out but he has a secret too!


That plot twist doesn't even make sense as it really didn't do anything for the overall story but render Angel (Adrian's sister) a pointless character together with Maddox the token brother who I suppose will have his own book eventually because, DRAMZ! We haz to moar teh dramz in the world! Think about the llamas! They can't do this alone!



I've heard a lot of good things about the first book in this series and the two characters from Charade did have a lot of scenes here. I'm not sure how the readers who've read the first in this series will feel about that but to me it just exposed this author's penchant for nicknames and lengthy monologues. I'm sorry but I've seen this before and it's not even my favorite weapon in that other author's arsenal.


I'm not really a silver linings person when it comes to books that made the extra effort (and ended up just annoying) to depress me but if I must, the writing's decent. The story, no matter how much I didn't like it, was cut across. A few readers who are new in this genre may appreciate it but having read better more entertaining story similar to this trope, i.e. , I can't say I'm one of them.


"I need some fucking coffee and a time machine."


ARC provided by the publishers thru NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.