Beyond Shame

Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha I plucked this out of my TBR pile to break the monotony of shy kisses and warm embraces of YA/NA romances.Well that certainly was different.I think this is the first time I've finished reading a book with no clear idea whatsoever how the characters look like. There was no rhapsodizing of the hero's eye color, no tell-tale clues how old these people are (please don't let them be 17) or the heroine's lashes sweeping her cheeks. It's like the author could not be bothered with these small trivialities as she's too busy keeping track of everyone's body parts in the numerous menages this book has. Which is why I had a hard time remembering a certain character when he/she turns up again a couple of chapters later. I did like the idea of the O'Kanes. How they operate, the businesses they run, how they relate to the other gangs and Eden were A LOT more interesting than the lead characters of this book. Is it just me or do their dynamics and politics sound a lot like a motorcycle club? Minus the motorcycle with an extra side of smut that is. The sex scenes failed on the hot scale and ended up sounding like a big circus freak show: contortionists, exhibitionists... they did miss out on a trapeze act, though there were lots of swallowing of non-flammable... things. Jasper, for all the sexy that he must be, felt flat and often times was a token dick in the menages. I won't even attempt to explain what spurred on his attraction to Noelle but I couldn't understand his moral conflict with regards to her. Dallas would have fared as a better hero, I think. I never liked Noelle from the get-go. I wish the author traded one of the numerous sex scenes for scenes depicting her life in Eden, on what made her yearn for her so-called freedom. Because without it, she just comes out as the bratty politician's daughter who wants to have lots of sex with lots of men. She did manage to surprise me towards the end but she was ending up with cardboard cut-out Jasper so... meh.The writing was okay, you won't stress over typos if that's a pet peeve. I'm mildly curious as to what happens to the other characters but I won't be rushing to read the next one anytime soon.