Frostbite - Richelle Mead 3.5 STARSBetter than the first, which incidentally, also took me days to finish but for completely snoozier reasons. This one I could've finished earlier if not for RL sneaking up in the worst possible moments.I still can't seem to identify with Rose. She's all virtue and honor without explanation. The rules of this world still feels too intricate to me-- who can and can't have babies together, the social dynamics of dhampirs and the Moroi to name some-- but it was easier to follow than the first where I felt like I needed to make a graph or a flowchart of sorts to keep track. Thank god for the prologue. I'm mostly sticking around for Adrian because he has some promise of mild spicy snark and wit (which is my favorite flavor).Dimka still hasn't tickled me pink (I'm roughly beige towards him).I'm gonna jump into the third book and hope for the tickling to commence.