The Collector - Victoria Scott 4 STARS and favorite-shelved. Like a religious experience, y'all.I kept thinking, this author must've at one time sat and said, 'hey, there's a thirty-something girl in the middle of nowhere with a constant hankering for snarky male leads it's painful… I'm gonna write a book just for her.' Then she cranks this one out and I've found my book soulmate.Dante Walker is a soul collector sent by The Boss Man from hell to manipulate Charlie Cooper into sinning until he can collect her soul in 10 days. As Big Bads go, Dante is the biggest, hottest shit of a motherchucker of all and he knows it.Annabelle laughs. "Oh, so you think you're hot, do you?""Girl, I got swag for days."I've encountered a lot of YA heroes described as selfish, arrogant and egotistical but Dante just upped the benchmark: our homeboy went to Douchebag University and graduated with a major on being a Tool of the Trade because apart from that, he's also this side of misogynistic, hates cats (dafuq, Dante?!), and ugly people.My eyes widen at the sight of her. This is the girl Boss Man is after? She looks like a porcelain doll... beat three times with an ugly stick.There's a whole vault of snarky one-liners and comebacks that I started to fear it's going to be a binge of empty carbs and attitude (carbitude?) but there's a warm and touching story of self-love, forgiveness, kindness and acceptance somewhere in between that made me realize Victoria Scott is all up on my seriouslys. Early reviews have forewarned that I'll initially hate Dante but I was drawn to him from the get-go. Okay that's putting it mildly, I'm totally, blindly, head-over-heels in love with this guy. He tugs all the right strings with his unassuming heart and twisted kindness revealed in the most unusual circumstances. Even without the evolution of his character from point A to point B, even apart from Charlie, even without Max (okay, maybe NOT without Max) this character totally works. It's his soft spot for geriatrics, his Bromance with Blue, his sob-story of a past... I feel like I can get pregnant just talking about how much I loved this guy.Charlie held her own against the blinding awesomeness of the hero, which is a bit of a tall order because she can easily tip the scales towards annoyingly perfect pollyanna of a damsel but she came out in the end as intriguing and worth cheering on for. The secondary characters were stellar and their banter with Dante was delightfully organic that even on their own you can't help but be invested in them as the MCs. I held out a star in my rating because the latter 25% just got a tad bit too heavy on the drama and the big reveal was a bit of a meh. But I can totally see this working for anyone else but me. The nitpicker in me had some qualms about certain aspects of the plot Charlie's transformation and how Annabelle and Blue were too easily accepting of the excuses she and Dante offered or how Dante easily integrated himself in Charlie's life and I may have liked it better if Dante and Charlie got together BEFORE she became perfect because the message applauds and rewards Dante's superficiality, but the LOLs it offered in exchange were enough to bribe me near-blind to them.I can't possibly write a review as legendary as Dante (he be all "bitch, please") and I can't maintain the proper level of cool as I wait for the next book of this promising series. But as a first installment, yes the thunder was brought.Review Copy provided by Entangled Publishing thru NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. But I also bought the kindle edition and will probably get the paperback because that's how I roll when I'm in-love.--------There are words somewhere in my brain that I need to organize to coherent thoughts but suffice to say: loved it, fo shizzle.Pow!(I've been reading straight for 10hrs, proper review once I regain some semblance of coherence)