The Man Who Came Too Much - Ellie Saxx July 9: I don't understand how any image can be flaggable relative to a book that's entitled "The Man Who Came Too Much". Guess I'm just going to cower in the corner and Lick my wounds.Uh... 3 STARS?The first time I ever jacked off I sprayed my bedroom wall until it was dripping. I accidentally nailed my dog in the face, and she never looked at me the same way after that. I can't say I blame her, I was just as confused as she was, poor, dripping Marcy Crappington.Well if the title doesn't perk up your interest, it's either you're a literate rock or a monk... no, I'm pretty sure this will elicit some reaction even from a monk. This was Chet Flood's discovery of his unusual situation (to put it mildly) and his journey from being a proverbial "Elephant Man" to finding his soulmate: a Hoover vacuum guised as a man and the dog, the boot, the Pringles cans, the canning jars, the soda bottles that were abused along the way."God make it stop!" is what he did say, putting his hands over his face. "What the Christ?! Are you pissing on me? My pillow!"I have a pretty high tolerance for the absurd and the disgusting, but I was very disturbed by Chet's need to collect these cum-filled jars and hide them under his bed. Ready to show them as proof to the brave who dared question his uncanny abilities.Ew.I'm pretty sure "cum-filled jars" is on the Hazmat Suit Imperative list of the CDC (along with Smallpox).However, for something that is shorter than the average novella, this managed to touch up on Chet's sexual awakening, the difficulties he had to overcome building a legitimate relationship with someone given his condition and finding his soul mate. Pretty impressive for 10 pages.Definitely a short, fun and weird read. Recommended for people like me who are this side of perverted and always on the look out for a laugh.