Lost - Varian Krylov I ran an imgur search for disturbing and this is what I found. Thank you, internet.4 STARS I'm not going to write a review longer than the actual novella itself but suffice to say, as a first-time reader of this author, this was a very good amuse bouche to get the feel of Varian Krylov's writing (hah! yeah, I'm gonna talk about "the writing" on this one). The story revolves around Cat, Derrek and their father, Victor, stranded in an island for three years after their boat capsizes. The vanilla reader would probably wonder if they brought enough board games to pass the time. The really screwed up section of the brain will try not to go to THAT place where there's a bom-chika-wow-wow soundtrack but will anyway once you figure it's safe enough to imagine it. All this while Krylov's writing serves as a more than adequate guide to one's deepest, most taboo what-ifs. Once, they yielded and looked at each other through a few inches of air and rain. His dark eyes saw her, now, not Rome and fires. He saw her, and took her kiss. It all screams A Geeks Porn Fantasy Come True (Derrek and Victor are scientists, for crying out loud) but I like how it didn't pretend to be anything else but that and didn't held back. The emotional ruminations and internal conflicts are kept to the barest minimum which left the story with a primal, raw quality to it. The sex scenes were non-formulaic and vividly written which really upped the ick factor of the story. But it also makes you darkly curious, what ever else is stored in Ms. Krylov's arsenal of squick? (please tell me there's more).