Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3) - Karina Halle 4.5 STARSHe looked terrified, to say the least, but he stood his ground. "No, we have to go back, Perry.""We have to go back? What the f*ck, this isn't an episode of Lost, Dex!"I'm thinking, inviting Dex and Perry to your dinner party would probably be both the best and worst idea you could ever come up with. Mr. Random Guest 1 (MRG1): I had the most interesting day at work today....Dex or Perry: Yeah? Did it involve you getting chased by dead Chinese lepers while trapped in The Island of Death in the middle of a storm? MRG1: Well no, but...Dex or Perry: Great, finish your fish, b*tch.And we're only on the 3rd book.Finally the book worthy of taking residence in the horror shelf. I think my minor complaint in the past 2 books has been the mostly middling paranormal aspect of this unique series. Being the feature that sets this apart from all the rest, it was becoming a potential source of frustration. I've felt the spookiness of Darkhouse was a bit juvenile while the supposedly chilling moments in Red Fox ended up funny (I'm not even sure if that was intentional). Luckily, Dead Sky Morning brought up its game and it was pretty intense. In this episode of EIT, Dex and Perry head off to Vancouver to an island that served as a leper colony where the inflicted were left to die and bury themselves. The history behind it was pretty solid and intriguing and there was some strange symmetry on how the island played a hand at revealing some of the characters' pasts to each other while both Dex and Perry discovered the island's gruesome backstory themselves. I think Dex took the cake on this book and I finally understand what the fuss is over this complex, damaged man. We get a glimpse on what could only be the endless depth that is Declan Foray and it's pretty compelling. And going to The Church of Dex might not be such a bad idea.I'm not going to prattle on and on about how great this book was and how emotionally invested I already am with both leads. I think at this point, even after that ret-con stunt the author pulled at the end (naughty, naughty), I can't possibly quit this series for a breather...... even for a lap dance.I realized we were about to pass the point of no return. Something was going to happen.