The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher 7/21/13: Re-reading because when Tarryn Fisher tells you to re-read her book, you effing re-read her book. This was supposed to be the hair of the dog that bit me (Or has been biting me for the past few weeks). However, when I woke up this morning with this book as my first thought, I know I'd have to stop reading these kinds of books temporarily. I think its probably healthy to steer clear of the mindfuck train for a while.From the get-go I loved the writing. And as this is the first time I'm reading something from this author, you kinda suspect her intentions. I mean, she can't be this good and think predictably, right? So I kinda read this like how we used to watch horror films, with hands over our eyes, peeking between fingers, NOT BREATHING properly half the time. Well in that aspect Tarryn Fisher didn't disappoint because the payoff was glorious, gory AND painful (think 90's Quentin Tarantino).It's Schaden-effin-freude.It's not one of those books you'd want to read again anytime soon. It felt too real -- like reliving that bad thing you did back in grad school when you were a totally different person. It doesn't tell you anything new, doesn't change your perspectives. This book makes you face all the ugly truths and faults about being human and reminds you that you are one.I take the smallest of comforts in the fact that I jumped on this train a month before the next book guts me again.