Heaven and Hell  - Kristen Ashley I loved LOVED this book. First chapter was great but the succeeding chapters felt like it was going to take the modern-day fairytale route (the settings, the villas, the champagne, the cars, ugh) and I just finished Kristen's other series so I felt slightly put off but I forged on and she did not disappoint. The conflict felt mature and I'm relieved that it didn't come from the hero/heroine getting shot/buried/kidnapped, but stemmed from the hero and the heroine themselves. The build up to Sam's secret was righteous and when it was revealed, it didn't fizzle out. The secondary characters were not cartoonish (as how most of Kristen's supporting cast often turn out) and the hero and heroine rang true to all through out. It read like a realistic (well as realistic as a contemporary romance can go that is) dissection of how and what makes a relationship function.Will definitely re-read.