Red Fox - Karina Halle 4 STARSOh God, Great Spirit, whatever, I thought, please don't let this turn into a naked old man expedition.I don't know if I have enough reserve of snark to keep up with these two.Red Fox kicks off a month after the events of Darkhouse, Perry's keeping an additional secret from her family as she heads off to the town of Red Fox, New Mexico with Declan to tackle the monster of the week: Skinwalkers. Or in non-Navajo parlance, shape-shifters.Overall, this had a campier feel than the first book. Has anyone seen, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist? There was a crazy action sequence with a bird in this book that reminded me of one particular scene from that movie.Yes, that's a cow shooting milk from its udders in a deathmatch with a man. Please don't judge me, I'm not a book cover.This was a riot to read. Though I'm wondering if I'm the only one who was laughing hysterically while reading the dire situations Declan and Perry got themselves into, fighting off wildlife and running around half-naked (I believe in one scene, they were both o.O)The creepiness factor also somewhat improved and in terms of the web show: Sh*t's getting serious, y'all. Though involving animals portrayed as anything other than domesticated (i.e. crazed, possessed, talking, dead, etc.) tend to do that in any story, I think. This episode did feel a little too drawn out with the stretch between their arrival in town and the climax filled with red herrings and Declan's backstory through the plot device named Maximus, a friend from his past. The former didn't entertain as much as the latter.While Perry continues to be hardcore, iron-clad awesome, Declan persists in being a treasure trove of cryptic answers, meaningful looks and unexpected reactions that I wonder what is going on in that boy's brain? I think there's only ever one honest moment between him and Perry and it was under duress. Because while Maximus did provide us a hasty sketch of who Declan was pre-Perry, that was all it was: someone else's sketch that Declan never had the chance to confirm or deny. Which by the way included the mother of all that is cryptic:"Dex is one of the greatest liars you'll ever come across. The man turns it into an art."A not-so-subtle mindfluck. Nice. That line probably will hold my feelings towards Declan under hostage for a while. Though certainly, he's likable enough with his quirks and habits that I can't replace my curiosity with annoyance. This book was peppered with more pop culture references than the first one, which again, I thoroughly enjoyed because most of them I got (that Mick Jagger reference would've killed it if it came with a Mars bar mention) but could also be a problem when it becomes dated like Sarah Palin and lipstick pigs. Anyone who's read my other reviews know how much I detest any reference of a character bursting into a song (I don't need Glee in my books, thanks) but for this one? Consider yourselves schooled on how not to choke the reader with cheese. This is gingerly sprinkling the story with the right amount of cheddar. Although U2 and Billy Joel?! In a single page?! Are you trying to make my heart explode, Karina?! Obviously there's something paranormal going on with these two (apart from the out of this world chemistry) and I hope the next book starts to pitch in some puzzle pieces. I'm also hoping a bit more of Ada in the next one because she only left us with this little nugget of wisdom when the world obviously needs more from her:"Oh shut up. Spare me your dramatics. You're in your early twenties and you live at home, you loser. Half of the country is out of work right now and they actually have real problems, such as mouth to feed and mortgages to pay and whatever."Word.