Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins OMG guys I just discovered this new series called The Hunger.... oh. Right.It's hard to write about the awesome theme park ride when everyone's been on it and has already been made into a movie. But as an apology for my preconceived notions about these books, I'll try.I've put off reading this series because I'm a bit of a Battle Royale fan and you know what they call this series in Paris...Well not really. And honestly, BR wasn't lacking in the cheese department for realz.Suffice to say I've put my BR fan worries to rest because this series didn't offend at all. If anything it made me a fan of something completely different but no less satisfying (if not more). In fact I should get around to writing a decent review for the first one to explain further and not jack this book's review. Whereas book 1 felt like it could've been written as a standalone with open options for a series, Catching Fire felt unburdened with exposition and rule making and as a result, had an unyielding kinetic energy all through out that kept me from taking a break not giving me a chance to get bored.Or maybe the first book just did away with the chore of winning me over and thus made this easier to read and more fun. So much so that I'm thinking of down-rating the first to illustrate the discrepancy. I loved Katniss' dry humor here which I don't remember much from book 1 and I felt her more engaging as a narrator now. The tricky love triangle didn't niggle at me but didn't really do Gale any favors in my eyes. Still sheepishly waving the Team Peeta flag, though I do fear for that boy but no more than I fear for Katniss. I have no idea what will happen in Mockingjay but given Suzanne Collins' habit of near nonchalantly offing characters, I feel no one is safe. Unless maybe if Peeta waves his magical paintbrush.I also appreciated the early chapters clear depiction of District 12 life and its facets, particularly the Peacekeepers and the communion of The Hob. The Quarter Quell should be an annoying plot device but I thought it was handled well enough (still feels too fail a move for all the scary evil Snow is made out to be. How could he have not seen that coming?)I adored the new characters: Finnick and his golden net briefs, Johanna the snarky exhibitionist, Mags, Nuts and Volts. Everyone lent and served a purpose in moving the plot along. I'm just curious if Peeta/Finnick is a slash couple in the fandom given how Finnick molests all those rolls with his hands. I was also quite happy to read about Haymitch's Games, it was something I've wondered of and was pleasantly surprised to see he's actually legit. I kind of called the Plutarch situation early on and the ending doesn't particularly compell me to finish the series immediately . Especially with opinions about Mockingjay so divided.