Wallbanger  - Alice Clayton I liked a lot of things about this book. Simon was smoking hot and Caroline didn't grate on my nerves (much). I'm a whore for the enemies-to-friends-to-lovers trope and the first few chapters had sizzling chemistry between the two. I loved Simon playing old records to Caroline through the wall , I thought that was sweet and I loved how uncomplicated the characters are. Sure Simon has a sad backstory but there were no hidden babies, crazy exes or incestuous past (sorry, I came off reading from THAT depressing plot avenue). I also appreciate the realistic aspect of orgasms and all (an orgasm is a gift one should appreciate, not all women have been blessed with one or several as frequently as each should)...But dear God, this book's blurb should have read: Caroline's search for the O. Boy was that issue explored, THOROUGHLY. And that is what niggles me the most: the name calling. The hoohas, the tatas, the O that is not Oprah (I know! i got it the first ten times you pointed it out Alice Clayton, and believe it or not, even before). I am of the opinion that if someone pussies around calling her pussy a pussy then she's either a) too young to be having sex or b) should not be talking about the sex. Was that sposed to make me laugh? Or make the heroine relatable? There were truly funny moments but there were just points when you know someone's trying too hard the great hold off to the sex between Caroline and Simon wasn't titillating, it was gimmicky... The cat attacking Simon during sex?! Seriously? I want them to have sex, I know the hold off has a purpose but that stunt?Tss!I read one review complaining about that chapter where it was written through Simon, Caroline, Mimi and the other guy who I can never remember POVs... I am so in that train fellow reviewer. Who the fuck cares if Mimi wants a gum? Or if other guy is worried about condoms? Simon just refused Caroline's advances, why can't we stick to that storyline? I just wished the humor didn't feel as forced, the moments when Caroline wasn't referencing her O, her brain, her her heart and her nerves in the third person was where the story was most charming and arresting. This should have been an easy 5 stars but damn that cat and the O and the hoohas and the tatas. And the rhyming, dear God the rhyming.But a big shiny star for bringing the drama to Spain . Lovely. And the hot food sex, because it was really hot but damn.... wish those were enough to bring the zucchini bread home.