Perfect Chemistry  - Simone Elkeles I could not, for the life of me, finish this one. And I'm so so disappointed because everyone in my friend's list seem to have enjoyed it. But I already gave it a pause (after the sudden driving lesson ) read something else for awhile, but when I came back, I read this:“Come inside and we'll talk," she says, opening my car door. "I'm freezing my butt off here. Oh, why don't the Chicago summers last longer?”That was coming from Brittany's friend, Sierra. I can't go any further beyond that especially since the next scene involved something as contrived as watching Audrey Hepburn as background for girl talk, ugh because who talks like that to a person? Really? I don't know anyone IRL who launches into a sudden verbal rumination about the weather while in conversation this way. Unless you're onstage and about to burst into a song.A good book, I feel, should make me forget I'm reading a book. Should make me feel I'm THERE.And I know its supposed to be a 'commentary' on bucking stereotypes but the way they were presented early on didn't make me want to see how the author would show me how she would do it. I couldn't hold on enough for the payoff.I really tried to finish this before giving it a low rating but I just can't do the former and dying to do the latter so I can move on.