Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead Review is spoiler-y flavored.I owe some series I called uneven an apology because honestly, you ain't seen uneven until you read VA.2.5 STARSMe and Mead-logic really don't mix well. I think I congratulated myself prematurely on being able to overlook my issues with this series because it took a big huge bite off my ass for the finale.At first I thought I was just thinking along predictable plot lines and that disheartening feels I am getting is derived from my unsatisfied cliched expectations. Usually I'd concede this when the resolution at the end is logically sound enough but the kerfuffles Rose got herself into just progressed from curious to weird to offensive (Kanye moment number 4!).Maybe it's written that way because I know there are spinoffs, but on its own, this series has tested my patience and sanity too many times to count as I watched Rose hijack her way to her HEA. It's sad to think of her this way at the end because I really liked her in Blood Promise. So much potential down the drain... taking more than her share of collaterals down with it. I know real life tend to work that way (just ask Jim Morrisson) but, also in real life, you tend to bring a rain of despise on the people who do get out alive, who operate on this principle and come out (relatively) unscathed. Especially if you took your share of the scathe (mine was a couple of dollars' worth x.x).I guess Stroggy-Dimka's principle of evil won out in the end: It's all about strength and weakness. Prey and predator.Lissa's half of the plot, I couldn't even take seriously. Reading through her part of the story, I couldn't even believe the author went there: the Moroi Queen Selection Pageant. Really. I was wishing she'd turn it into something campy or fun...... but no dice.She just dished that with a bunch of token secondary characters and the long and winding road to making Rose and Lissa happy and felt like she was expecting me to eat everything up with a straight face and restrained glee. As a whole, the series was a hit and miss for me but I think I've had my fill of Mead's brand of PNR. I'm gonna tune out this world (however much my heart breaks for Adrian and want to see him get his own HEA) and keep my sanity, thanks.