Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead 3.5 STARS...Very spoilery, proceed with donuts and caution.Why Richelle Mead?! Just when I thought we were getting friendly...I really wanted to give this one a 3 because Rose just kicked my trichotillomania back into gear and the plot devices seriously drove me bonkers but thought better of it because of Abe Mazur.I don't know why the author would do it thus far into the series but man, she's really making it hard for me to want to read the final book. With how she was written in this one, I think I'm fine with believing Rose is rotting in prison somewhere. Because she had it coming and more. What with the prison-breaking and the borderline gold-digging and playing with Adrian's emotions...As an aside, isn't there a union of sorts for maltreated secondary book heroes somewhere? I think Adrian has a list of grievances he can file against Rose just on this book alone.From the get-go, I was not a fan of Rose's ret-con (retroactive continuity) plans for Dimka 2.0. The thing is, I can accept Rose trying to 'save' Dimitri from being Strigoi by killing him because she believes it's what original recipe Dimka would want. There's some bittersweet honor in that intent. What I can't fathom into logic is Rose moving heaven and earth to revert him back to his old self. Seriously, what's so bad about hot and crispy Dimitri? If anything, I see him as an upgrade. True, he's a stereotypical vampire as a Strigoi with the killing and all, but I liked his lack of inhibitions. Surely his predator-prey belief can use some moral tweaking but I find old Dimitri's ways cold, rigid and sorry, stereotypically Russian.I'm still not sure I like the way Dimitri's character was resolved, though to be sure I am NOT a fan of the direction Rose is taking. She seriously went into Kanye territory here with the grandstanding and the public displays of WTF not once but thrice in close succession to each other. Then she broke the full force of her stalking, nagging, bitchy ways on Dimitri because he doesn't turn out the way she expected after all the crazy she's done to bring him back. I was beginning to wonder if she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown with all her erratic behavior and everyone's just distracted watching for it that nobody calls her out on her selfish sh*t. She was so unreasonably bad in this one, Lissa started to look good (and that's saying something).I still like how unpredictable things are in Richelle Mead's world. I don't think I ever guessed it right as to plot twists and the direction she's taking the story though there are some loose threads that made me scratch my head once or twice in this book. There's also a wealth of depth and humor in her secondary characters and Abe the sexy beast is growing on me. But I'm looking at the final book with mixed trepidation and curiosity. I don't know how much more of crazy Rose I can take after this one (please tell me she starts taking her meds and goes back to therapy at some point).