Blood Promise - Richelle Mead Thanks to the Brain (and Feels) Explosion Management crew for cleaning up my mess..So THAT happened.God the slowest of the slow burns, I swear!So Shadow Kiss ended with me getting my hopes up because I'm finally escaping St. Vladimir's School of Snooze even if it means missing Christian and Adrian and that little speech Rose gave Lissa just makes my heart go a-flutter. But did Blood promise deliver?I'd like to think it did extremely well on the things that mattered (to me, anyway). I've since moved on from kicking the dead horse that is Richelle Mead's path of logic for the sake of my sanity and I think I can be civil enough with the storytelling to actually enjoy the plot. It was such a burden to bear that it really hampered the books' readability for me. Oh but once I've let that go, plus the way the events turned in Blood Promise... it was like reading a completely different series! There were still moments where I couldn't fit them in the grand scheme of things and the Lissa/Avery moments were just a big bowl of suck that I kept dreading whenever the POV switches. but outside of that... meaning everything Dimka 2.0-related, was just delicious. Just like the center of the tootsie-pop.Rose has finally started to grow on me by the end of this one. However, I've already started on Spirit Bound while writing this so we're not in so friendly terms right now. Everything else about this book was just a blur of gasps and expletives that didn't make me regret the arduous road to get here.This review was brought to you by Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" o.0