Documentary (Documentary, #1) - A.J. Sand 2 STARSI am giving a star for each of the Elliott twins who provided such moments of relief I couldn't wait to read through the steamy scenes to get to theirs. "He literally just read all of Harry Potter. He wanted to wait until the hype died down.""I am the Scrabble champeen. I know words!"Men after my own heart.This has been sort of an educational read because I just came off enjoying reading another cliche and after reading this one, I get a better sense on which parts of this genre I enjoy and which ones just challenge my tolerance for cheese. That being said, this one really tested the bounds of my gag reflex. And no, not in a good way. And just to be clear, I feel wretched after writing 2-star reviews.I was really excited to read this book because I was expecting fireworks from the protagonists as the story deals with two worlds that I'm fannish about: rock n roll and film. Sadly this one failed to deliver on both ends. Rockstar romances have been delivered to the readers in every which way possible but a big part of its allure is the cool factor. I do tend to get judgy over this issue but the author should be able to convince the reader that the hot guy is universally cool, irregardless if he plays Scuzz Rock or Honky-Tonk. Kai White, before going solo, used to belong to a band named Evernight who had a hit single entitled Earthquake. He has to repeatedly remind Dylan they were not a boyband because they play musical instruments but he does write lyrics like this:Last time I saw you, the whole world had broken your heartIf I could, I'd find a way to collect all the parts/Just to make you whole again/Find a way to pull you back from the end/'Cause I-I-I-I'd move mountains and part oceans/Just for a minute of your smileHe is doing a tour for Lava Energy Drink for which Dylan, our heroine, has to make a series of film shorts during his tour to be uploaded on Lava's and his personal website. He has a "promo guy" with him in the tour who handles "merchandise".I know this is as realistic as the current state of the music industry comes but still it reeks of famewhoring and rock n roll in general taking it from The Man. There should've a tleast been a bit of insight on this issue but it was relayed gospel truth-like and it hurts. Somewhere in the book world Paul Hudson and Adam Wilde just choked on Lava's Cherry Bomb drink. I know it's unfair to compare, but Kai's character just pushed all the wrong buttons.On the other end of the fail spectrum, we have Dylan Carroll, a junior filmmaking student who got offered a project that would open doors for her career. I'm trying very hard to recall any filmmaker who has Dylan's level of enthusiasm about film in general and I'm coming up blank. I believe filmmaking is a work of passion and anyone who has heard a Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino interview would understand what I'm looking for in Dylan's character. For what her background says about her, Dylan came across as young, vapid and without any passion for her craft. There were very vague descriptions on how she films things that she just sounded so inept. That ANYONE could do what she was doing. How could she be the awesome filmmaker she's supposed to be when she spends the ENTIRE time mooning over, hooking up, fighting then making up with Kai?She really should've been recording it, but, hopefully, someone in J. Kutch's entourage was, and she'd get a copy of it later.Your future Kathryn Bigelow right there.The plot goes through the usual motions of sexual tension ➔ Dylan makes Kai jealous ➔ make up ➔ misunderstanding ➔ talk to Kai's friends…. rinse repeat. That's 440-pages of that. So if you're not into all that (as told in third person present tense), run for the mountains. There's also some shady undercover spy-like deal between Nina (Kai's publicist) and Dylan that was drawn out longer than it should. A lot of "Am I just a job?!" from Kai's side of the fence that's just... ugh.The big Jeremy-Kai-Erica reveal (which I stuck around for) turned out to be a snooze and was done around 75% of the way through so you have 25% of a whole lot of nothing going on, ending on a WTF cliffhanger. Is it still a cliffhanger if nothing/no one is hanging on the cliff?