Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1; Rosemary Beach, #1) - Abbi Glines You don't have to love me. Just don't leave me. Holy shizzznitzz a book THE WORLD likes that I LIKED TOO!For a while there, I was beginning to suspect I'm just being a snooty grinch with all the ho-hum ratings I've been handing out books that everyone seems to love. Its nice to know my heart hasn't been frozen over and I can actually love something everyone else loves (that isn't written by Colleen Hoover).Weird, funky cover aside, I loved this book (Thanks, Akanksha for rec-ing btw). Its been a while since I enjoyed a heroine as much as Blaire. She doesn't have any quirks or cute tics, she does not have sassy comebacks when the banter with Rush comes, she's independent and she doesn't make the entire feminist movement set back fifty years. Gloria Steinem will be so proud. It's pretty evident she's the focus of the story and I love that the book doesn't rely on the hotness of the hero (though Rush is PLENTY hot. Abbi Glines did cover that base, don't worry) but on the strength of Blaire's likability.It's always a bit harder to make the reader fall in love with the heroine. Especially if she seems too perfect and sought after by all male characters. Blaire's all that too, but its the small nuances that make her toe the line between annoying and admirable. I loved how she stood up to Rush's presumptions of her based on what he knew of her father. How she's, to the core, a decent person. The peanut butter was endearing. The reveal to Rush much more so. The big reveal at the end (why does there always have to be a secret to be revealed? I'm actually looking forward to gushing over a book who won't go down this road) was a disappointment but there's a second book so there's hope yet for this to be a must re-read.