Archangel of Mercy - Christina Ashcroft If only this book went the whole hog, stuck with its campy brilliance and came with a pop-up diagram for the paranormal aspect. The dialogue had legendary epictude potential:"Am I hurting you?” He ground the words between his teeth. He gave the impression he was in physical pain. “I’m going as slow as I can. Your brain is beautiful.” Or dispensing words of wisdom you can totally quote to your children:“With the right one.” Zad finally turned to look at him, and Gabe gritted his teeth against the fleeting desolation he glimpsed in the depths of Zad’s dark eyes. “Sex heals the soul.”Or just plain.... Huh?“I’d like to watch you work out."That one came from Aurora during sex after asking Gabe if he's genetically perfect or if he goes to the gym.I think this would have worked better as a contemporary romance, in the tradition of Wallbanger and the like. Because anytime the paranormal aspect comes up, it just loses whatever footing it has gained plot-wise amidst snorts and chuckles. The story starts in Ireland, where Aurora Robinson is trying to reach the astral planes in the hopes of helping her mother remember her heritage, which is not of this world. Yeah, try to wrap your mind around THAT one. While trying to do this, she'd inadvertently pulled the archangel Gabriel from... Manhattan, into her backyard and from there starts what could only be described as paranormal fantasy diarrhea.I honestly didn't want to review this because I don't know how seriously does the author want me to take this. But the attention she gave to the mythology and the creatures she had popping everywhere were so detailed that its hard to pass it on as... tongue in cheek. You have different worlds, galaxies, planes of existence and dimensions. I stopped following what co-exists with what in a given reality because I also had to keep track of the archangels, the demons, the nephilim, aliens(!), pirates (!!), and the Guardians. Each of these beings have their own rules and alliances, which are immortal and not-so immortal, which are after the other... Halfway through the book I probably could've learned Mandarin AND play the flute with all the effort I exerted keeping track of everyone. Oh and there's Gabe's side job as a "private investigator" to the universe. You know, just for shits and giggles.I just wish Gabe and Aurora stuck with exchanging smoldering, mesmeric or feral gazes and banged all the way through. Never mind the countless repetitions of Aurora/Gabe's sexual longing for the other (it got really redundant early on), their dialogue was crazy funny enough that I didn't mind much that Aurora sounds like she's just discovered sex.Gabe is just an all around alpha horndog.I'm however, not a fan of the Eleni/Aurora ret-con. I don't take to the concept of a one true beloved for eternity. It takes away a realism that makes things in a book, yes even in a paranormal, interesting emotionally.I'm a fan of this sub-genre and I appreciate campy humor as much as the next reader. But I like it better when it's clear if I'm laughing by myself or laughing with the writer.