No Turning Back - Tiffany A. Snow 3 STARS Most women probably would rather have flowers or jewelry - I was grateful to have a new battery for my car. Meet Kathleen Turner, daughter of Ted Turner and granddaughter of one Tina Turner (which I guess explains the theme of the titles in this series. Cute.) She's part law firm runner, part bartender and 100% Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick. In that she usually gets herself into a great deal of trouble with her twisted logic but still ends up being the heroine the two hot guys are fighting over (and every other male character is falling for). I'm a bit on the fence with Kathleen. On one hand she's acknowledges that she wants to be independent and she's a character with a strong moral conviction and sense of justice. On the other, she always ends up being saved and I can't really understand where her sense of justice roots from. Maybe if there was a bit of a backstory about her relationship with her father I might have been more sympathetic to her... um, passion instead of coming across as "hooker Barbie playing on Nancy Drew." (Kade's words, not mine)The writing was okay, though there were some original moments such as Kathleen and Blane's first dinner date but cliches were flying everywhere. There were a lot of fainting, falling and catching and carrying of the heroine in the strong arms of the hero. Nothing wrong with that, except when done repeatedly in the same book. The suspense aspect of the book felt a bit thin plot-wise but it could just be all that tech speak going over my head.I have certain issues with plausibility as well tampering with the scene of the crime. WTF? I thought Kathleen's dad was a cop? but for some reason I found myself being lenient on this one. Funny what proper grammar and punctuation can do to one's patience.I was going to put off reading the next book, but I sneaked a peek on the first chapter and now I may not be able to let this series go. Yet.