Unearthly - Cynthia Hand There may be something in the water, I'm just handing out 5 stars all over like free samples in a grocery.One way you can tell you're in for a good ride of a series is when the first book in a series ends NOT with a throw-your-reader-to-the-wall cliffhanger and yet you are absolutely COMPELLED to jump into the next book. And I'm just so glad to have started this with all the books out.Cynthia Hand's Unearthly series kicks off like a charm. Literally. It was a very charming read. It was so unpretentious, so unassuming that you can't help but like EVERYTHING about it (sorry for the shouty caps, I feel like in a bit of glorying mood).The characters sound their age and are so distinct from each other you can't help but be lost in the scenes with them. My favorite is actually Clara (Tucker is sort of a given, what warm-blooded mammal won't love that guy?) she was so splendidly executed, her wishy-washyness, her shallow concerns... she sounds every bit how a 16-year old in her predicament should act like. Of course it was a tad annoying how she's seemingly drifting along her supposed "purpose", how she builds herself around that singularity. But it's in how she evolves from that point that was a joy to read of.