The Arrangement 2 (The Arrangement, #2) - H.M. Ward This series-to-be started out really well. The dialogue was sharp and the chemistry between Sean and Avery was smoking. I find their early encounters adorable. Then somewhere towards the end of the first novella, I can't figure out Avery anymore. Whereas in the earlier 70% she's a well-defined character, when Miss Black and her "job offer" comes into the picture with Sean in the mix, she just stopped making sense. In essence, she agreed to become a call girl because Sean's the client who she's met before and is already attracted to. This sends out mixed messages which continues to this second volume: she accepts payment to have sex with someone she claims to love (after a completely random snowball fight, by the way). I'm all for pushing the limits of contemporary romance but that doesn't sit well for me. Especially since its not even the source of Avery's conflict.The premise has so much promise. I wish Avery took the job without knowing Sean as the client . It would have been predictable but I feel the smart dialogue could've carried this one despite the cliche.