Obsidian  - Jennifer L. Armentrout I was fully armed and ready to NOT like this book. I've been putting off reading this since forever, but I really needed a buffer from the serial contemporary romance-sometimes-erotica reading. I was turning into a grinch. Not cool.But I think I just might take a sip of that kool aid.Cheers. What caught me by surprise the most was how I didn't end up hating the heroine. This was written entirely in Katy's POV. Katy and her mom just moved to a nowhere town in West Virginia after her dad died of cancer. She's your usual sassy girl bordering on geek who owns a book blog. That usually spells annoying for me because it's hard to reconcile geeky, sassy and adorable in my prejudiced brain. Well, she wasn't exactly unicorns and butterflies adorable but Ms. Armentrout actually pulled her off. Her sharp wit and comebacks were actually that: sharp and witty. Her interactions with Daemon were fun and there was actual tension between the characters.What I didn't like was that it felt a bit... shallow. The premise was entirely ludicrous and oft explained by not explaining at all, and that's totally okay (now that I think of it, is quite a relief as who would really voluntarily read a YA-paranormal romance book with elaborate quantum physics expositions and the like?) except I was, hoping that gaping hole in plausibility would be filled by emotional tethers to the characters. I did love them but the predicament they find themselves into and their conflict with the Big Bads felt... meh. And while Daemon and Katy were written very well, Dee (Dameon's sister) sounded a tad bit too cartoonish. Her actions actually sounded like an anime character (with sweatdrops and peace signs). This made the book feel entirely too juvenile in certain parts.I just hope the banter between Katy and Daemon would veer off in a different direction by the next book. Because I felt this one was a chapter short of being too repetitive. Almost but not quite (thank God). Sexual tension expressed through arguing and sarcasm is well and good but can get tiring. After all, not everyone can be Katharine and Spencer forever. Even if one of them is a sexy alien.