The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski Everyone seems to be reading this book, so after being disappointed by my last read, I willingly drank the kool aid and finished this one in a day.I love road trip books/movies so this one, right off the bat, was up my alley. I liked the constantly changing locations and the circumstances Andrew and Camryn found themselves in (I loved the Walmart dialogue, though it felt contrived, it made me smile). I also liked how Camryn and Andrew's POVs were written. Especially Andrew, his POV sounds part frat-boy part profound man that you can't help but like his character (he names his plant! Adorbs!). There was one scene where he was describing what he was feeling while in the middle of sex as: GOOSEBUMPS RAPED ME. Awesome. I didn't care much for the sequences in the club it felt too convenient a set up for the tear-jerky, events later at the hospital I'm a whore for these kinds of endings but could we have gotten ourselves there better with less... gimmick? Emotional manipulations? There's a lot of cliches thrown around, but I still loved the early 80% of the book. Cam and Andrew's chemistry was hot and the slow build up to their relationship was enjoyable. There was this moment when they got to Texas and Camryn was feeling their adventure was over and she felt a bit lost on how they will proceed after the crazy road trip they had. I wish the author explored that better before she dropped the tumor bomb . The last 20% could've been better but it didn't give me a migraine or made me want to throw my reader somewhere.