The Fifth Favor - Shelby Reed The book's premise started out interesting enough: a reporter (the heroine) is set to interview the best male escort money could buy. The twists, nuances and secondary characters also held my attention for the first quarter of the book. Then the narrative just went too... boring. The heroine was pretty underdeveloped and came out a bit one-dimensional. The hero was fleshed out a bit better: he was confused, I get it, but in the end, I TOO was confused. I had mild expectations (what with the cheese-tastic cover) but the reviews promised something more. Halfway through, I wasn't sure if I was emotionally stunted (and therefore, didn't understand the motivations of the leads) or everything's just messy.I liked the title. I was intrigued by it. But as I was reading through, it just piled on to my disappointment. The mechanics of these "favors" were a bit lost on me. Maybe I was distracted, but the flow of the prose just couldn't hold my attention.