Truth (Consequences, #2) - Aleatha Romig I found Consequences and Truth as being buddy read in a new group I recently joined in. I couldn't well participate in the buddy read as I came in too late for the first one and well, I really don't know the mechanics of a "buddy read". But I couldn't let this book go without a proper send off review (until next year, Ms. Romig). As with any book from a new author, one begins the journey with much trepidation and doubt as to how well will this person tell the story. So in Consequences, I had a great deal of time frowning at the length and the long and winding road that is Tony and Claire's INSANE relationship. While the story was interesting, it was far from gripping. The beginning and the end were remarkable but the middle felt like the ramblings of a jet-setting travel agent.But that was Consequences.As with any other trilogy, often the first would be wanting, the second would be MIGHTY AWESOME, and the third would either be a complete let-down or just okay. Truth falls into this logic, though I hope Convicted won't. There are editing issues and certain turns of phrases (particularly Catherine, there are moments when she sounds like she belongs to a historical novel) but the twists and turns smooths out these kinks quite easily. And before you know it, its 3 in the morning and you want to know if its 2013 yet. You actually can commiserate with Claire in those innumerable times when she wakes up disoriented, because the great winding path to the end unscrews your head a certain way and screws it back in a completely different manner.It's hard to review the specific merits of the book and the plot without giving out spoilers but suffice to say, whatever expectations I had coming into this story, went out the proverbial window midway through. This book challenges the fundamentals of love and hate in all the avenues others fail to explore.I've never seen a book so highly rated here in GR but this one deserves every last accolade it receives.