Coming Home - Tess Mackenzie 3 STARS You won't believe how many Coming Home titles are out there. Though the steamy, it's-so-hot-it's-wrong blurb kinda sets this one apart. I really liked Bec's voice, though as this is a novella, it's kind of a given that you'd be left wanting to learn more about her. But with what little was revealed about her, I would've liked her to be less a poster child for the feminist movement (yay for sex without emotional baggage!). I was disappointed with where the author took the story because there was so much potential going on as the plot unraveled. There was a lot of mysterious non-answers from Rob that it could've gone with Bec being the reason for his and Kelly's breakup instead of the sex being just gratuitous and impersonal.The sexy was ho-hum and I'm reluctant to label it as erotica. Otherwise, it was well-written enough and could've gone to a 4-star read if the characters had been given more emotional weight.