True Love Story

True Love Story - Willow Aster "I want to be who you think I am.""I want you to be who you are."And isn't that the Tesseract that powers every single YA novels these days? When the heroine says that last line and she can't handle the sh*t when it hits the fan?It was a 2-star reading experience for me but I'm giving it a 3 because I liked how it was trying to paint a realistic picture of love and dealing with what comes after. The first chapter was intriguing enough while the last 25% rang true to me. The detritus of heartbreak is never pretty and I liked Sparrow a bit more thereafter because I've been there. I know what it looks like when you begin to wonder if love could ever be enough. I LOVED Tessa. Give that woman a hand for being the best best friend who deserves the HEA she got. Tessa makes Sparrow likable whenever she's in a scene and has repeatedly managed to make things entertaining with her quirk. On her own, Sparrow became more tolerable towards the end. Even Ian had his moments...…only it took me 200-something pages to get to there. I was seriously contemplating DNF-ing this but the decent writing kept me hoping and wishing to be delivered from the endless droning of how gorgeous/beautiful/perfect/awesome Sparrow is and how gorgeous/dangerous/brooding/hot Ian is.Slap me some medals and call me Major Buzzkill.Pre-sh*t-hits-the-fan, Ian and Sparrow just felt like they were going through endless permutations of this conversation:"Sparrow. You are perfect.""No I'm not.""To me, you are."I can't find a single basis for their relationship and the consequences after to make sound logic. Sparrow saw Ian perform once and liked his music then meets and flirts with him while having lunch. There's some cute banter and of course they only had eyes for each other because they're THAT gorgeous. And that's all you need really to fall in love with someone, apparently. From the time they met, the book just went to describe all the events when they were together. There was no character build up beyond who they were when they were with each other. I was beginning to wonder how Sparrow gets to go to NYU when she's always with Ian then I realize she isn't, it was just skipped in the story. I really wish it wasn't because I couldn't see her beyond the girl pining for Ian much as I only see Ian as the guy who wants to get in Sparrow's pants. So when I got to that pivotal scene, while there was a pinch in my chest, I couldn't sympathize with any of them.Much like watching an accident. You feel bad for the people involved but you drive away anyway.For me, the characters lacked a certain charm around them. I know parts of the story took place in LA but must everyone sound perfectly coiffed all the time? Everyone's gorgeous. Even Sparrow's land lady was hot.Sparrow's quirks which should have been cute sounded like a weird pastiche of Dewy Cox (not being able to smell), Lily Eriksen (discomfort over the word MOIST), and MacKayla Lane from the Fever series (substitution of cuss words with nonsensical one). I'm sure it's just my luck that I recognize these similarities and others might find them adorable.Ian on the other hand… I can't like Ian. Before or after "the conflict". Before, he really sounded a bit skeevy, his wooing felt borderline creepy. After, I couldn't justify him as a redeemable character. He woke up with his d*ck in his cousin's wife's mouth while seeing the supposed love of his life. Doth he protest? Of course he didn't. Did he went on banging her on the side up until he proposed to the love of his life? Of course he did. It's not even the deed itself (it was actually kinky intriguing outside this plot, someone point me to a book with this plot, lol), I like it when the hero grovels. But when he's groveling nonsensically talking about WBTs and bookstores and state birds, it just sounds selfish and annoying.I'm actually worried for the characters by the time the book ended because I didn't feel the question of whether love is enough was answered satisfactorily.