Beautiful Disaster (The Bet)

Beautiful Disaster - Francette Phal 4 SOLID STARSWould you call it (un)fortunate to have this book share a title, genre and plot detail (the other Beautiful Disaster ALSO involves a bet) with another? For me, I don't care as I DNF-ed the other and loved this one far far more.Right. This one had serious editing issues. Mostly in the latter parts because the early chapters had me raving (in my little brain) how well the author was conveying the story she wanted to tell at a brisk but detailed pace. Bt then somewhere down the middle typos were everywhere. It throws you off these little things because they were scattered in moments that were pretty intense. But in the grand scheme of things the story was told and it was a powerful one. So powerful that sometimes certain scenes got a wee bit over the top Someone wiped off the plates and utensils from table in one fell swoop in a moment of anger with a roar of "I loved you first!" . There were also moments of predictability anyone can see from miles away what was going to happen in the slideshow scene that would've been annoying out of it being cliched and all, but somehow worked here. Mostly because I think this book was unapologetic for all its drama and intensity, never ridiculing what it has already put out to say a few lines after. The shifts in POVs didn't bother me as much but it got a bit ludicrous when Matt's nurse was given the honor of a name AND a POV .This book's biggest assets are its characters. Can I just say how terrified I am of pissing off this author? She can really think of fucked up shits, no? Like punch-a-near-term-pregnant-woman-in-the-stomach levels of evil. Otherwise I might be forced to play doctor and prematurely remove that bag of cells from your womb while your lovely Gran watches. Who imagines that kind of a threat?! Seriously! But that's what makes this book work. The bad people are REALLY twisted and the strong characters are STRONG. I LOVED Nicholas Grayson. He's all over the place in terms of angst and EMOTIONS but he rang true to me. There was a point towards the end when I cannot make sense of his evolution as a character but thankfully the author explained it (though in not-so-few words) eventually. But I think I'm in love with Ellie more. She was such a strong, likable character that when you learn her back story early in the pages, you can't help but feel reassured that she's gonna be okay in the end. She was a goddamn fighter and she would surpass this. This was nothing. She had gotten through worse things and this would be no different... What was the agony of a heartbreak if not another wound that would eventually heal? When I grow up, I wanna be like Ellie Holbrook.