Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack Series)

Feral Sins  - Suzanne  Wright 2.5 STARSThis review is rated PG-13.I purchased the first edition of this one together with this author's other contemptuous contemporary romance, From Rags on the strength of group recommendations. As a result, this was pushed to the back burner and I've learned to take the what to read next recommendations threads with a grain of salt. Plus the fact that I mostly avoid shifter books because while very few things squick me, inter-species sex is definitely one of those few. Sorry but I can't handle that brand of crazy *shudders*.So really, I just ended up picking this for the smut. Now in that department, this one totally delivered. I read some people felt the orgy scene was a bit out of character for Trey to initiate and you know what? I DON'T GIVE A FLYING DUCK. Someone else probably had discussed the merits and/or the necessity of that scene in relation to the power dynamics between Trey and Taryn in their reviews but I'm just going with:a) yes it was off-the-roof-hot and b) thank you Suzanne Wright for having the decency to re-cap where everyone's body parts were in at a certain point. I've already pointed out somewhere my dislike of how orgies are written in erotica because authors tend to get carried away with their adjectives and I get confused as to all the participants' spatial orientation. More often than not they just come off like they're playing a game of dirty twister. Okay it did feel a bit like it got cut and paste in the sense that while there was mention of it in passing before it happened, there was no talk of it after the fact. I didn't expect them to chat about it extensively over tea and biscuits but the next scene had no acknowledgment that it even happened. Outside of that chapter, the sexy times were very sexy in that there's lots of dirty talk. I like believable, dirty talking in smutty books because it gets boring just describing what the characters are doing to each other in first or third person POV. Plus it adds depth and insight to the characters psyche. I cannot believe I used that as a reason, but it's true when you think about it.So having satisfied my pervy inclinations this should have a higher rating really...... if it didn't feel like I was reading War and Peace length-wise. I actually thought this was a 500-pager when someone pointed out it was the usual 350-er. It dragged that much, with the circular rambling musings and the redundant internal and external conflicts among the characters that comprised a great bulk of the story. It was sheer torture to read through Trey grieving that he can't love Taryn like she loves him because he has daddy issues every other chapter while Taryn hems and haws on the whole mating issue. As a whole, I appreciate how this book tried to give me a layered plot but it just came out messy and muddled.Sure Dominic's lines and Taryn's zingers made for some entertainment and the Pack Web just gets a laugh out of me every time it gets mentioned (because seriously, what does getting an alliance with these other packs entail? They get to play Farmville with each other?)But in more ways than one, reading Feral Sins was how I imagined any conversation with Ryan Lochte would go:Just shut up pretty man and drop your pants.