Fire Inside: A Chaos Novel

Fire Inside  - Kristen Ashley "There are countless stories to be told, lady, and even if your story isn't so fantastic it will live for eternity, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be told."Uh okay, Hop, glad we cleared that up.2.5 STARSThis is me eating my words by automatically grabbing Netgalley's limited "Read Now" opportunity for this book because yes, I am that woman. While I have a few books I would still refuse even if offered for free (hey, I still have standards), apparently a Kristen Ashley-penned one isn't among them.Plus, I have learned that quitting her books cold turkey is a tough feat to pull. This may be my last of hers for a while (stop laughing, I'm serious now) but I know I'd still be paying her future releases' blurbs some attention, hoping for the day that she'd pull something new out of her bag of tricks.Because Lanie and Hop's story was the same old bunny from the same old hat and worse, I really don't think theirs is a story that needed to be told. Lanie is Tyra's posh best friend whose ex-fiancee ended up dead after getting mixed up with the Russian Mob in Motorcycle Man. Her baggage is that she's blaming herself for getting Tyra shot in that book and her daddy is a womanizing cad. Hopper is the guy Tyra saw in MM banging someone who wasn't his wife. His baggage is he's a mean biker who used to do mean things and he used to sing for a Bob Seger cover band.Now I'm going to forget about Lanie's issues and the headache that came with trying to rationalize them and her actions. A headache that escalated to a full-blown migraine with both her and Hop's inability to communicate like normal people, speaking in cryptic codes to each other (what the f*ck is your monster, Lanie? And when Hop says something is feeding it, is it chomping on puppy steak?) that I suspect one of them will figure out that their HEA is just a big misunderstanding.I'm going to forget about Hop's silly sex lexicon ("Look at me!") that could only make sense if this was an extended Old Spice commercial and a horse gets involved somehow.I'm not going to talk about the repeated "love is a drug" reference because my friends who 'enjoy' this metaphor will have to read this to see what I'm talking of. I can't be the only one who suffered through six (that's six!) of them.I'm going to forget about Lanie doing her drama with "We've Got Tonight" as the soundtrack of her tears. On second thought, I won't forget that because that's Colt and Feb's song, dammit!And I'm going to forget about the fighting and the chasing and the fighting again or the real reason why Hop and Lanie had to hide their relationship from everyone else (I still don't get it) or just how unlikable Lanie was as a heroine.Because all those things I've already griped and bitched about in my other reviews of KA's other recent releases only for different characters. And isn't that sad?Instead I'll remember this as that book that had The Amazing Vance Ouray's cameo (yeah, he like Spiderman y'all). It's the one with the heroine without any weight insecurities. The one where nobody got kidnapped/nearly got raped/got shot at. The one where no skank/ex-boyfriend turned up in the middle of the story making a scene. And thank God, the one where nobody burst into song without preamble. Its probably going to take me Ally and Ren story to dive back into KA's universe of alpha heroes and bikers. That or a Chaos member who's a vegetarian, does yoga on the side and taught English in a Tibetan monastery. He's named Benedict. He'd be no less a badass but with flawless grammar and a voice that could make angels weep.ARC provided by the publishers thru NetGalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.