Hopeless  - Colleen Hoover “When you aren’t sure what it is you hate or why you even hate it, it’s hard to hold on to the details...you just hold on to the feelings.” I highlighted the shiz out of this book but I loved this the best. Mostly because I think I've boarded the crazy train and started to believe Colleen Hoover is telling me how I should review this book (or any book for that matter). And the feeling I'm holding onto is that I'm perfectly content with having this as the last book I ever read should the world end on the 21st.Young Adult as a genre, I think, is the toughest out there. Its tough for me as an adult reader to find the issues believably heavy enough to merit all that drama without being turned off by the drama itself. As with her previous books, Colleen Hoover managed to keep the plot entertaining enough that I invest well on the characters, all the while not taking the heavy issue (and boy, was this one HEAVY) for granted for a saccharine love story or taking itself so seriously it just gets bogged down by its own weight.She's keepin' it real.I love how the story unfolded, how it holds your interest, keeping you guessing (until I think at the 80% mark when I figured out ONE THING ahead of a reveal) and how the end tied up loose ends cleanly. Ms. Hoover cashed all the plot-checks she wrote and the payoff was BIG. There was a moment after the big reveal, (the hotel after Sky and Holder got back from Sky's childhood home) that made me wince because I was not exactly sure how I wanted/expected the situation to be handled. I thought, that scene couldn't have been a party to write. But somehow she pulled through, without offending either Sky or Holder's characters.I am in love with all the characters. The dialogue didn't fall flat in my brain. The words were alive and the pace wasn't gratuitous. If anything, I wanted her to be more gratuitous.I think I massacred several pages highlighting quick-witted exchanges not only between Sky and Holder but Six, Brecklin and Karen who were also written beautifully (too little of Brecklin and Six IMO towards the end but I guess they did serve their purpose in the grand scheme of things).It's also uncanny how the author is in my brain throughout this book. Like I'm thinking of something snarky and/or funny about a particular scene and the next paragraph addresses it. There's this moment after Holder drops a bomb on Sky and she thinks she needs a chapter break. I LOVED THAT. I love the author for believing her readers are smart enough to catch on that. Like thinking snarky isn't allowed and anything that may cause the reader to NOT like this book even before you think it is squashed. So I'm putting my TBRs on hold for a day. Just in case.