Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain)

Lady Luck  - Kristen Ashley 3 stars: Meh. Really wanted to love this installment because I love the hero, the heroine was... okay, but Nina (The Gamble) is still my favorite (and continues to be awesome in this one too!). I still can't put a pulse on why it didn't work for me, but I figure its the shift in POVs (why can't everyone be in 1st person?) and the slang words, terms etc peppered everywhere. I don't mind the cussing too much (because really, we're talking about someone who's been in jail) but the alpha speak just gets too much at times. I also wasn't convinced how quickly Lexie agreed to Ty's terms in the beginning and from then, how their relationship evolved lacked a certain degree of credibility. Like a particular sweet scene would catch me thinking "Really?".There was one particular moment towards the end when I should have been devouring the pages with what was happening, but I managed to get up, have a shower and a nap before even picking up where I left off. But it was a good romantic romp. The sex was hot, the epilogue was great and like with any of KA's books the tension was tense and the dialogue was tight (funny when it should be funny, sweet when it should be sweet).