Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings)

Leave Me Breathless  - Cherrie Lynn, Alix Dale I read Rock Me and Leave Me Breathless in succession since I can't keep track of who's who in the first scene (at the bar) in this book.It is better than Rock Me but I can't really say I'm madly in love with the characters. I do, however, appreciate a snippet early on in the book (and I'm quoting loosely here) in one of Macy's introspections: Sex should be a bonus and not the foundation in a good relationship. While reducing it to a bonus may be a slight exaggeration (I wouldn't qualify it as something as fleeting, because, COME ON), I do appreciate the sentiment. Sadly, while the steamy scenes (and the dirty mouth Seth has on him. Mmmm... mouth) will definitely get you hot and bothered (Mmmm... door sex) the connection between the H and h wasn't there for me. Someone commented on the cover, maybe that was what DID NOT compute. There were moments I liked enough and moments that were predictable but were executed well. I do like the author. Even if Rock Me and Leave Me Breathless doesn't shine apart from the rest of the erotic novels out there, I feel Cherrie Lynn has a great talent of telling a story. She was straight forward, the dialogues were hilarious and true to character. You may read this for the sex, but the banter within the tattoo parlor or between Seth and Brian will probably be what will stick. I'm looking forward to her telling me a great story next.