Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel

Own the Wind  (Chaos #1) - Kristen Ashley 3 STARS Among KA's backlist, I was mostly lukewarm towards her Dream Man series. But I did love Tack and this is her debut as a published author (hopefully meaning I won't be hearing the extensive design details about the heroine's sandal straps and the random biker's girlfriend's best friend's sob story) so despite my KA slump I was looking forward to this spin-off series.It started pretty well and I think the prologue was pretty good. I liked the potential in Tabby's character in Motorcycle Man being a biker girl, born and raised. So I was expecting a different voice, someone who earned her stripes and knew what they meant. Shy was still a prospect in that book, if I remember, so he was blending in the background in my memory. I liked how this book spanned the course of their relationship. Their discussion about the day to day living as a couple was also fun.Overall, the polish given off by proper editing was pretty evident without alienating some of KA's trademarks: the long speeches interrupted by 'ums' and jaw clenching, the sexy scenes you drop-in in the middle of (sparing you from the cheesy foreplay), the cameos from her other books, the bad-ass pow-wows... some of these I liked, some I could've done away with but despite the step up from independent to published, you'd still know you're reading a Kristen Ashley book.After reading nearly everything she's written, honestly, I don't know if that should be read as a blessing or a curse.I didn't care for Natalie's story or the Ty-ty's and the Beebee's (I hated these nicknames). I'm not curious about Lanie and Hop or Rush's issues with the club or Joker the mysterious prospect. There was a whole lot of nothing going on, I couldn't even identify the climax of the story because what I thought should be climactic ended in a whimper.I think my biggest disappointment was Tabby. Who sang. Like 50-pages in. I have an issue with characters bursting into a song in the middle of some weepy moment to elicit some gushing and/or tears from me. As a hard rule, unless the said character is an actual musician or it was in the context of a mother singing her child a lullaby, this just cheeses me off to the extreme. Gemma will not be happy if she gets wind of this.Okay, take away the singing and you have someone who takes crap from her boss (then lets the MC take care of it but not without throwing a fit), compares her dead fiancee in gradual disfavor to her current squeeze and who cluelessly hires someone to find the murderers of Shy's parents as a weird idea of a gift. The latter was thoughtful to some extent but I can't believe she didn't think of the repercussions this will bring and needed to have her druggie friend to explain it to her. Tabby. Tack's daughter. Sharp doesn't run in the family, apparently.Shy was alright for a hero. His backstory was so-so and his ideas didn't really offer anything new. In the context of the story, he was as close to non-offensive as a bad-ass biker could. Meaning he didn't get me all swoony and hyperventilating. He was serviceable as a leading man in a rom-com. Which I don't think was what KA was going for, being there some repeated hammering of how maddeningly bad-ass these guys are. See the thing with biker stories that I find fascinating is the gritty, unbelievable things they do. Because it's all about freedom and brotherhood, right? And I totally accept the Disney-fied, toned-down quality of Chaos as an MC, but if they're really just mechanics who carry around guns and just happen to talk biker... why again would the really bad people be scared of them? When Chaos got a hold of the person who murdered Shy's parents, they dealt with him "creatively", which by the way Tack and Shy were talking, didn't end up in exacting vengeance but since it wasn't specified, it could really just be, I don't know, keying his Camaro . It's like caging a big, clawless, toothless Tiger and pasting a warning sign on it. And seeing what settling down does to members of this MC, by the end of the series, what would everyone fuss about if no one's screwing "empty p*ssy" anymore or beating people up on the side? Mixing up the orders for car parts or arguing over who's turn it is to do Ty-Ty's tune up?Saturday cupcake drive? Oh sorry, Saturday BAD-ASS cupcake drive?