All That Glitters… And Fur!

Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway

10.4.13 AMAZON FREEBIE!!!! Grabbity grab grab!! 




Man, this author have an impressive pair to actually write a book like this. Are these yours, Ms. Cosway?




It's a romance novel between a plus-sized heroine and a cross-dressing lounge singer for a hero. After having been repeatedly suckered in by the usual plot-devices and the cliffhangers and the trilogies... this is as refreshing as they come. And yes, it's ONE book. One very well-crafted 300-something pages of a book.


I admit, I was very hesitant to get into this. The blurb's come hither was to come forth with an open mind and I don't really put my limits to the test regularly and I'm a bit scared of what it says about me if I end up not finishing this one out of being too myopic (yes, I overanalyze even my choice of books on certain lunar episodes). Surprisingly, it was a very entertaining ride. On lesser hands, this story could've end up with such melodrama one could choke on the first encounter but the characters were portrayed with impressive depth and the dialogue was sharp and witty without effort.


I was such a confused little fangirl over Nicholas' character.


On one hand,


Nicholas strikes me as the kind of person who, when the urge comes upon him, simply goes to a bar, picks up a woman and takes her home to have his wicked way with her. I can talk to him and joke around as though he were one of my girlfriends, yet when he levels his hot eyes on me my throat gets dry and my stomach tightens.


On the other,


"I find it better if you use your fingers instead of the sponge. It gives a more natural finish," he suggests.





Nicholas struts his stuff in those heels so effortlessly that it puts the best of us women to shame, his hips swinging from side to side as he walks.




I expected the fur and glitter and the stilettos.


What I didn't expect was the women falling all over Nicholas. I'm confused, is this now the norm and I'm officially outside the curve of a heterosexual female's reactions towards hot, straight cross-dressing lounge singers? Because I think seeing, say, David Gandy propositioning me in drag will still make me pause. Maybe 5 seconds before I say yes, but I'd still pause. Freda's such a free-spirit with an accepting, open mind that this issue was a pink elephant in the early 75% of the book. I was actually wondering if the issue has been foregone for Freda's more predictable insecurities. and off-tangent remarks (it wasn't).


Totally worth a try. Don't let the blurb scare you away.