Onyx (Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout 3.5 STARS This book was brought to you by the words: "Thank You", "I'm Sorry", "Are You Okay?" and the letter B (because God knows how many permutations of Blake's name Daemon figured out)This installment felt a little bipolar for me. The first half was your standard CW-fare (which I actually enjoyed despite my "shallow" issues from the Obsidian) while the second half veered towards angst-heavy territory. Which should have worked brilliantly in this kind of theme but felt bogged down by the conspiracy and X-philology (where the protagonist always ALWAYS has to be chasing after a missing sibling. Fox Mulder, anyone?). I didn't mind much the latter because it gives Daemon's character a different facet from his douchebag, alpha-male, romantic lead. It's the conspiracy and the DOD and Daedelus that makes me iffy. I'm not completely sold on the intricacies of this new development in the series' plot and I'm even a little bit nervous if the author can continue to pull this off beyond this book.I'm happy how Daemon and Katy's relationship progressed. It's quite tempting to keep them in that cute bickering couple box. While there's still plenty of that in this installment, they did evolve from how they were a book ago. Daemon reminds me of Jericho Barrons so much, I'm sorely tempted to revisit THAT other PNR world. Katy on the other hand... she's slowly devolving to a character I really liked from Obsidian, to someone starting to give warning signals in my annoy-a-meter. I just hope the rest of her catches up with her mouth in the smart department. It felt a bit saturated with Katy and Daemon especially in the second half and the sweet moments just felt too saccharine for me, almost bordering on OOC territory (especially in Daemon's case).Writing is still tight though it did fail to hold my interest more times than the previous book. Not worth losing sleep over in terms of grit and tension but a fairly enjoyable read.