Hallowed (Unearthly Series #2)

Hallowed  - Cynthia Hand Like the tree that keeps on giving...I get why this might not be as widely loved as the previous book, there were scenes that were too Hallmark-y for my jaded heart and the paranormal aspect was kept in a bit of a tight leash. But I just love this strange little world Cynthia Hand created. The rules are simple enough, written in a language I understand without diminishing the depth and complexity of the characters. I like the mythology within this book, it continues to be easy enough to follow and weaves seamlessly to popular beliefs that it doesn't feel detached from human emotions. It does, however, send you to moments of existential crises and I'm wondering if that's what puts off some of the other fans of the series because I'm not a fan either of the destiny paradigm, where everything's pre-ordained. I'm team free-will! *waves pompoms*Some aspects of the story thus far has also made me twitchy I don't like the parallelisms being drawn between Clara's Tucker/Christian dilemma and what has been revealed so far about Clara's mom, Michael and Samjeeza but the underdog-loving, hopeless romantic in me can't bear another minute not knowing how everything concludes. I mean, he's part cowboy part fish whisperer... with a hick of a name... I mean, COME ON! What's not to love? Things will work out.Obviously, right? Right????