Color of Loneliness

Color of Loneliness - Madeleine Beckett 1.5 STARSOkay since the blurb pretty much exhaustively detailed the plot of this book, I'm going to cut to the chase and try answering: "Do you recommend this book?"Well, I'm gonna have to ask back how do you like your heroines? Because if you prefer a strong, intelligent damsel with a spine and figures her way out of her own distress, then Myra Sommers may not be for you. She belongs to the shy, timid, little flower prototype who never curses and moves to a completely different state after not being able to handle the office drama with her cheating ex and his new squeeze.Now there may be a subset of readers who enjoys seeing the heroine get swooped off her feet and saved by her knight in shining armor from the grief that is life... but I'm not sure if there's a sub-sub-set that enjoys it when she cries every two pages in the process.✖ Myra carries a box into the house, slips and crack her head, she cries.✖ She opens the door without checking who's outside, nearly gets raped, she cries.✖ Dylan (the hero), curses up a storm, she runs away from the salad she's making (ruining a perfectly good tomato, I might add) , she cries.✖ Dylan falls from her roof, lands in her car, she cries.✖ Her ex comes to her house trying to win her back, she cries.I'm not even including the moments where crying is warranted and she also cries. So expect A LOT of crying from page one (yes, from the second paragraph of the first page, she IS crying). Now Myra did lose her entire family and she did get cheated on and thus, the repeated reference to her "loneliness"... which I never got a sense of because when she wasn't ogling the contractor, Dylan, she's on the phone laughing up a storm with her best friend Susie.Oh, Susie. Up to now, I'm confused as to what purpose this character serves. Because save for discussing turds, book boogers, "skid marks", custard catchers and her vast culinary expertise she just felt like padding to this already over-padded book. There were stretches of nonsensical conversations that offer no advancement and suspiciously distracts you from the reed thin plot. "Sweet baby caboose on a cracker," Susie mumbles as she bends over and draws in huge heaving breaths. "Holy mother of all things horny," she says, continuing her gibberish babblings. "Dickweed balls of fire, shit-eating garden gnome... What were you doing?"(Un)fortunately, not every CR reader has ADD. Personally, I read a book to be entertained by the story and not out of it by one-liners meant to make me laugh (but didn't). But if college fratboy humor does it for you, then this is a gold mine... because it's not enough Myra has Susie as her BFF, she also has Jackie who wants to win her sisterly affection."I just drank one of those energy drinks," she says, as she starts rocking back and forth onto her tiptoes. "I needed something to keep me awake on the boring drive over here plus I wanted to have some extra energy to get a lot of stuff done today, but it's got me so revved up right now, I'm about to explode. I wish I had a trampoline to jump on. Or I might need to go jogging or something to burn off all this excess energy," she says before giggling hysterically.Did I mention over-padded? Right.The hero is Dylan Lawson, a contractor hired by Myra to fix up her grandfather's house. If you've been fantasizing about the guy who fixes up the roof and the plumbing of your toilet, then Dylan is the ultimate swoontastic hero. In some ways, he reminds me of Flynn from Willing Victim plus a tool belt and minus the fetish. He too has a deep dark secret and a fondness for punching unsuspecting trees. He's a manly man because he says 'shit' and 'fuck' a lot AND his idea of a grand romantic gesture is very alpha.He shivers. "I shaved. For you.""You did?"He nods. "I didn't want to hurt you. Your skin is beautiful," he says as his fingers graze against her chin and mouth.Just to be clear, he was talking about his beard there.I find this actually cute and Dylan's slovenly way of living does actually fit him. But I'm fuzzy as to how and when he did fall for Myra: one moment he's a grumbling and roaring his way around her, the next he's panting after her lips and texting her sweet nothings like: Got 2 go. I cal u tmr. Swet drems. Charming. Even the way he asks Myra permission to kiss her. It's just such a disconnect from his character in the earlier chapters.Then again, I did finish this and maybe with some editing and tinkering with most of Myra's quirks, this wasn't half bad, but the secondary characters just grated on my nerves SO BAD that no amount of Dylan's adorable slobbering ways could save this from a 1-star. The story ended with a cliffhanger which I applaud the author because I guess it does a good job in making one curious as to how things will continue. But me?Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review