About Last Night: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

About Last Night - Ruthie Knox Beyond the cheese-tastic cover and the pedestrian title, this was a pleasant surprise. The writing was sharp and witty. The drama was kept to a bare minimum and when the proverbial shit hits the fan, it was within the limits of the believable. I had a bit of difficulty reconciling a posh, hot and blonde British guy because I didn't know you can string those words in a sentence and make actual sense (I mean, really? Who?)Cath was likable enough and I love her quirky job and her personality. Her scenes with Nev's dad were charming and the knitting conversation between her and Evita was truly inspired. I think it was a very original in illustrating how two characters develop their relationship.Neville Chamberlain isn't my ideal hero but his personality fits with his background. So he's likable too. Just as likable as the rest of the hot NON-BLONDE British guys with posh names are (I'm looking at you, Benedict Cumberbatch).Bit of a nitpick though Wouldn't the investigator hired by Winston have found out, before all the digging into Cath's past thing, that Nev and Cath's marriage is a sham? : yeah, never really got over that one. I read one reviewer was disappointed with the abrupt ending, I think I felt this too, because of the good number of pages left despite the climactic (ending) scenes. So I kept expecting an epilogue or a couple of more chapters, only to discover the book has ended and some future releases previews. But otherwise, a solid read.