Forbidden (Definitions)

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma This book piqued my interest after everyone in my update feed seems to simultaneously DNF it. WTF, right? But it really isn't for everyone. I actually wasn't expecting to go beyond the 30% mark so this review is actually a surprise.The subject matter is obviously not your usual YA fare. The author's intent could easily be suspected as all for shock value but to its core, I believe it's more to post the question why a taboo is taboo. Now, I like my angst with a dash of dark humor as reprieve. Because if you're going to go all out angst from cover to cover, I might as well slit my wrist and call it a day. The fact that the story is about siblings falling in love could easily be exploited for high octane drama, and in this book, it does. Which could really be exhausting for the reader. But this one was surprisingly easy to read. I even called how things will end by chapter one (because really, with this topic what's the alternative?) but my interest didn't wane. It did veer towards lecturesville a bit towards the end but the writing felt tempered and the scenes had a nudge of bittersweet foreboding (not with the hit-you-with-a-hammer variety). There were scenes that went redundant and the angle of their forbidden relationship and how Lochan and Maya dealt with it (in the day to day) could have gone tedious but I didn't mind much.I cannot possibly think of anyone I could recommend this book to. But if you're in for something different, something painful, something well-crafted then by all means.