Unlawful Contact (I-Team Series #3)

Unlawful Contact - Pamela Clare I started reading Pamela Clare's books by the strength of the reviews from readers who are also fans of Kristen Ashley. Being the third book in the I-Team series, I'm finally understanding the connection. The two books before Unlawful Contact were okay, but I felt a bit... detached (though I liked the Tess and Julian's book tons better than Kara and Reece's) . This one however was right on the money. I don't know if I liked it so much because it has echoes of some of KA's works or its the characters that did the job. I'm not saying the books are derivatives of Kristen Ashley's books but, it has a certain flair that recalls the Rock Chick series (a less fluffy, more intense version).The ending was a bit contrived, but its not like you opened this book and expected a gothic ending. Of course everything's gonna be fine and dandy in the end, it's HOW everything ends up fine and dandy that's supposed to stoke your interest in these kinds of books. So I loved how everything unraveled and the writing was very straightforward, the dialogues believable. What sets Unlawful Contact from the previous books is how the hero and heroine had a past and the issues they have to go through the book were rooted to who they are (i.e. family). With the heroines in these books working as journalists, its a bit of a stretch for me as a reader to be invested with what the characters are going through is borne out of their job. But with this book, the characters and their actions were relatable.