Wicked Burn

Wicked Burn - Beth Kery This book was interesting to me, because it started out pretty dragging (the heroine's issues were expectedly revealed in small doses throughout) but I ended with it with a "huh, not bad" thought. So I guess the redeeming qualities outweighed the bad stuff? My main problem was the H/h in that they were a bit... flat. I can't even understand how they would LIKE each other. It almost sends the message to us kids that: mind-blowing sex = true love. The length was pretty short-ish and while the steamy scenes fogged up the windows well, it would have served the story better to cut the sex and devote a few more pages to issues like: whatever happened to Donny's sketching aspirations? Or that class Niall was teaching? Or the secondary characters (because God knows this book wasn't generous in insight to the plight of the people surrounding the H and h)?The heroine's dilemma was interesting to some extent, the idea of a brilliant playwright who can't seem to embrace fully his inner cowboy was a bit of a noggin-scratcher. But I still got to breeze through the last pages so I guess... yay? Probably not getting a re-read though.