Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer "This - this was new.And exciting.And primal and raw and...And insanely hot."4 STARSMy thoughts exactly.I don't think Brigid Kemmerer can write a bad installment in this continually awesome series even if she tried.To be honest, Nick is my least favorite Merrick in the Elemental series. Enigmatic as the seemingly perfect Merrick brother maybe, I've skimmed over the mystery behind all that perfection in favor of Gabe's in-your-face snark and attitude (snarkitude?) Just as well, Quinn plays too much in the background for me to have an opinion of her. Though I remember not liking her much in Storm because she came across as too clingy towards Becca.So it's quite a surprise to me to find out how much I liked this novella featuring two of my least favored characters in the series.Quinn came out very relatable. I liked that I'm able to put a picture to her dysfunction that scene in the convenience store with the Ho-ho's gave me some feels, because I think the encompassing way her issues were referred to in the other books makes her easily misunderstood as someone who uses Becca as a crutch with defense mechanisms that just makes her come across as an attention whore and sometimes, just a plain whore. Surely her sob-story has been used before but there was enough complexity in her that her knee-jerk reactions to certain situations come out logical and understandable.I had a bit more trouble liking Nick. I'm partial to characters who have an innate strength in themselves, no matter what burden they carry, that they'd be able to rise and find it somehow in the greatest conflicts. He hasn't reached that point YET here and he's still selfishly trying to hold on to what's comfortable for the majority at the expense of the feelings of others, namely Quinn. I know I should ease up on the maturity angle because they are in high school, but Nick has always seemed like he has a good head on him. And while they do act as each other's crutch, Quinn comes across the stronger between the two with the initiative to propose a temporary solution for both of them where the novella ended. I look forward to their friendship evolving especially as Nick finds sorts himself out.I missed the usual brand of wit and sarcasm that I usually get from this series. I'm looking forward to Gabe and the rest of the Merricks' reaction if and when Nick makes up his mind about his issues and what role Quinn will play in the next book (I hope she figures a bit more in the foreground). Certainly, Nick and Quinn's issues are pretty heavy (it actually worried my angst burdened heart in the onset where this was going), but not so heavy as to make you want to fire up some inane rom com in your library. Step away from the Jennifer Aniston DVD and drop that tub of B&J's, it's going to be okay. ARC provided by the publishers thru Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.