Second Chance Boyfriend

Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy 1.5 STARS 2 consecutive chucks to the dnf pile is a no-no for me so I stuck with this one until the painful end. Which means churning out this review was excruciating.I read One Week Girlfriend as part of a group challenge and remember liking it enough because of Drew's screwed up, soapy past. I really wanted to know how his secret will hit the fan. I also remember my Monica Murphy Reading Experience to be quite pleasant with very little cringe-worthy moments.For a passion that'sAble to shine like oursBlessed are we toLoveEach other That's breakfast right there: Hammy AND cheesy.I don't know, maybe my heart really is a giant block of ice or maybe I'm missing a few bits and bobs on the part of the brain that should make me melt over these romantic literary feats but my gag reflex is just a wee bit too ticklish, I feel. These juvenile efforts to make me get hot and bothered over Drew just ended up with me bothered.The book picks up 2 months after the end of OWG. I'm not sure where Murphy was going to take Drew and Fable's story but I wasn't expecting to bitch and moan over the seam-ful writing. Arguments got rambling and repetitive and the use of the "we'll talk later" plot device was used to the extreme. Can't you just resolve an issue once it arises so you can make up new ones instead of drawing out the argument for a hundred or so pages? It's bad enough that the paper-thin plot was stretched to absurd limits but to be perpetually stuck in the same discussion written with such an immature POV was just exhausting.I look at Drew. No way am I going to say anything to Owen about... that. "She's a little mentally unstable at the moment. Everyone's worried about her." Ick. I can't believe I just said that. I'm not worried about her. I wish she'd fall off the face of the earth and rot in hell forever.Are we sure Fable's not in fifth grade?The new secondary characters (save for Drew's therapist, who sounded like the only sensible person in the story) felt rudimentary: what was the point of Colin and Jen? Colin was supposed to be the enigmatic boss who has faith in Fable's capabilities but by the end of the book Fable was still a waitress in his restaurant, so why is he in this story again and why didn't Fable just stick with her old job? I would've gladly taken him as the token other-guy in a love triangle just so he'd have some use.The only thing I was looking forward to was resolved too conveniently. While others might have gotten squicked by it, I found Drew's affair with his stepmom and possibly fathering his supposed younger sister made the first book original and intriguing (though certainly some messed up, sh*t). How it was tackled in this book felt like it threw away the one interesting thing it had going for it. The way Adele acted was completely ridiculous and out of her conniving, devious character (mostly because there was really no effort to develop her beyond the evil stepmom here). Drew's efforts to be a man worthy of Fable (outside the poems, anyway) and Fable's relationship with Owen and her mother would've been more interesting to me than the pedestrian sex scenes which automatically follows the "we'll talk later"s. I'm not even going to speculate how they'd fare as a couple beyond the last chapter since everything gets resolved with sex anyway so they OBVIOUSLY have a great happily ever after ahead of them.