Raid - Kristen Ashley God, the agony of writing this review.I devoured Kristen Ashley's backlist one book after the other (nearly all of them) in a month's time and since reading my first book of hers The Gamble I haven't looked back. She's like chicken soup, you go to your KA favorite when you've been having a bad book slump to make all things right again. And she does a pretty good job doing it. I never underestimate the healing power of Alex and Feb or Max and Nina. So understandably, any KA release for me is something to get palpitations over."Am I gonna traumatize the fat cat if he sees me fuckin' you?"Sadly, that and the conversation between Hanna and KC (about the tacos), was as good as it got for me for this book. Honestly, among her work, I am not a fan of this series. The alpha heroes are too much to be believably real. And if you know the other heroes in the KA universe that's saying something. They callout sex positions WHILE having sex ('Spread!' 'Give me your eyes.'), they suddenly speak to the heroine in the third person, they find the strangest things attractive in their heroines… it's crazy. The non-good kind. This one, I feel, got more shortchanged because Raid and Hanna felt like an amalgam of all the other heroes and heroines in KA's books that I can't give them any of my love at all because they sound like they're poor imitations of the original characters (who gets my original recipe love). Hanna had a conversation with Anya (from Knight) somewhere in the end of the book and she said how Hanna will get used to how things are and I'm thinking, well that conversation will probably turn up in the next book with Hanna giving the same pep talk to the new chick on the block. Raid wasn't even given a deep enough character profile for me to overlook his flaws. What happened with his unit was so vague, my brain couldn't latch on and empathize.Even the proverbial skanks that get thrown out midway through sound a rehash of previous skanks ("hey isn't that the girl from *insert KA book here*"). Speaking of the skanks, I read the Author's Note at the end of this book and I totally respect and admire her stand and efforts to cut this message across her readers… but skinny people are people too, you know? Every woman deserve to have their own happy ever afters, regardless of their body type, yes, but that should go both ways (curvy and skinny). With how the skinny-minnie women get repeatedly typecasted in a majority of these books, it's starting to sound like a witch hunt. I'm beginning to worry if I'm starting to outgrow KA's bag of tricks, I hope for the sake of Ren and Ally, I have not. But I'm getting warier and more critical of her recent releases. Maybe it's me who have recalibrated my expectations based on the other books that I've read instead of the quality of the work taking a dip. I really hope so… it's hard to find a good bowl of chicken soup these days.