Where Will You Be... When the Hangover Strikes?

Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead

"It's an easy thing for me to do that can help a lot of people," I said. "No reason not to."
He shook his head, incredulous. "You shouldn't even need a technicality to escape Hell's reach. They should fire you out of principle."




This book just highlighted the reason why I try not to get too attached with a series. When it ends, it leaves a gaping hole in you that cannot be filled by anything else. Certainly not a spinoff series or an epilogue novella or dear gad no, an alternate POV.

Because this exhilarating feeling, this high after going through a journey with much loved characters is a gift. A gift that every author should strive to give their readers, a once-in-a-story gift that cannot be re-filled and resurrected by revisiting these beloved characters in torturous permutations over and over to indulge people's vanities or for whatever excuse.


Okay maybe a Carter spin-off won't be so bad.


I've given up on the predictable nature of these books, midway through. Maybe I've even learned to love the near unassuming manner this story was told. You have to just take it as part of its charms together with the simplistic narrative to get to the depth of its emotional complexity and its implications. In that aspect it didn't disappoint. All the things I've guessed way, way back in book 2 turned out right and yet it still took my breath away.


Everyone who knows my reading preference would know my short tolerance for cheese. But seeing as how much Seth and Georgina's characters had to go through to get here, that Notting Hill moment towards the end is perfectly forgivable. I'm also glad that this ended on the sixth book. Looking back, the series as a whole felt very solid, not airtight-locked in the logic department (Carter's definition of "interfering" is very hazy) but for a PNR-UF, six book series the structure was very good. You get the sense it was written with a clear end and path towards that end in sight. This may be debatable for someone who followed this series as the books were released but me, I found it very clean. Was it drawn out? Maybe. But I did enjoy the filler so I'm not one to complain.


I've fawned so much about Seth and Georgina in the past reviews neglecting the amazing secondary characters in these books. I think I pretty much loved everyone, except the Vegas people in this book. Bastien was never a favorite and his scenes here certainly didn't improve my opinion of him. I love the scenes and banter between Georgina and her dysfunctional family but can't deny I look forward to seeing the Mortensen girls. Especially Kendall. Who pwned everyone in Industrial Revolution Monopoly.


Just as how Mead pwned me with a seemingly silly story about a Succubus with a heart of gold falling in love with a human.


Seth Mortensen's Shirt List


Dirty Dancing

Say Anything
Princess Bride (!) - I'm thinking: Inigo Montoya or As You Wish?
Flock of Seagulls (!!)
Brady Bunch