Keep the Ransom, No One Gets Out Alive

Succubus Heat - Richelle Mead

"How come we can only get things we want by being bad? Why can't we get them being good?"

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Previously on Days of Our Lives Damnation...


Georgina Kincaid's milkshake still brings all the boys in the yard, except Seth Mortensen who has switched to vegan milkshake because he's an adorable fidiot and because he wants to protect Georgina from the additional, eternal heartache if he dies out of complications of diabetes because of… well, Kincaid Milkshake.


Next to writing a review about alternate POV, writing about the middle books in a series always gives me some grief. You're smack dab in the series, unhealthily invested in the characters and you need to let off some steam or it will literally burn a hole in your stomach. But its a literal, physical pain to sit down and compose thoughts.

Georgie starts off a little darker, a bit more goth in this one and as a punishment got sent off to spy on the neighboring demon's territory in behalf of Jerome. She got caught in some shenanigans with a Canadian Satanist cult called "The Army of Darkness" and a lot of Tim Horton time that eventually came to head with Jerome disappearing along with every demon in his care losing their powabilities.


So for a period, Georgina Kincaid was succubus no more.


Hah! Take that eternal damnation!


Perfect timing too, for Georgina and Seth who must have broken a hundred mirrors between them to have this shittiest kind of luck. What's the opposite of Irish? Yeah these two have the luck of THOSE people.


My eyes are burning from devouring the pages too fast and breathing is still a conscious effort for me after the stress of reading this insane emotional rollercoaster that makes my head ache because I couldn't hate the characters as freely as I full-on want to because even THEY are likable. Even Dante. Even, God help me, that annoying paragon of innocent, unselfish kindness Maddie.


Do you know how stressful it is to watch the terrible injustice and agony Seth and Georgina seem hell bent on getting the full 3D-IMAX experience out of in life and NOT have anyone to place the blame? Can't I just blame someone, ANYONE in this mother-effin' angst fest anymore?!



God, my poor little Georgie! I kept thinking of another creature of supposed evil, Madrigal from Daughter of Smoke and Bone and how much her benevolent kindness rubbed me the wrong way. Like it was an elitist, snobby kind of good. Unlike Georgina whose kindness seem like the kind of good you can touch, the kind that draws you to feel for her when she found out Maddie got Seth to start drinking coffee.


I can't remember anymore how many times this book series broke my heart, put it together only to get broken again.


I'm just grateful for the smallest mercy in that this wasn't told in alternating POVs because I don't think I can handle the early and latter chapters without flinging myself against the walls. Repeatedly.


I've been taken hostage by this series, I can't seem to find an escape from its clutches, and I don't think I want it to let me go anymore.