The Secret of Ella and Micha

The Secret of Ella and Micha - Jessica Sorensen This book felt like a big bowl of Meh.The chemistry between Ella and Micha was non-existent for me. They could've ended up with other people and I wouldn't know the difference. The supposed quirks in both Ella and Micha's character (she's a girl who loved to hang with the boys and cars while he's hot because he has a lip ring and plays in a band) wasn't contributory to the plot. Honestly, I have to pause and think hard what the actual plot is. There's an old guy (Grady) who was sort of there for both Ella and Micah while growing up but even his drama felt separate from the entire plot (with no resolution, even). Everything sounded so one-note and derivative that even the supposed conflict didn't pique my interest at all. There were strange turns of phrases: Envisage, car thievery etc. that made the disconnect more apparent. I do admit to having high expectations coming in, what with all the buzz over her other books, but I may have to delay reading Jessica Sorensen's other works.